About Me

My name is Tirzah Liane and I live on the island of Puerto Rico with my family and two dogs. I created this blog with the intentions of giving people ideas on how to follow a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the process in between. When I’m not in the kitchen trying out new recipes or at uni, I’m usually at the beach or making art.

I adopted this lifestyle for several reasons, mainly health-related. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had severe Atopic dermatitis, dry skin, allergies and as a teen/young adult I developed a very persistent bout of cystic acne that was difficult to manage even with medication and regular visits to a dermatologist. Combine that with being fairly overweight and a low self-esteem you’ve got yourself a girl who felt incredibly uncomfortable in her own skin– literally.

picture by: Jordan J. Photography

After hearing of veganism, I began eliminating products containing lactose (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc), cutting out processed sugars, and meat– for the first time in my life I’ve experienced an overall improvement in my health and skin issues. This journey has not been a straight-shot forward into success for me, but rather a learning curve where I’ve had to make conscious decisions about how I want to keep living my life and the impact I want to make on the world around me.

You’re more than welcome to tag along and graze ideas from whatever I post on here about my food and life.