Veggie Fried Rice

Peering into the fridge, I spy a bowl of leftover plain brown rice from a few nights ago. Bland. Lifeless. …And even worse, it’s got virtually no flavor whatsoever apart from the hearty “whole grain-ness” advertised to me.

It’s in desperate need of a makeover, and I’m in desperate need of lunch.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Take that rice from drab to fab.

I take one serving of this very sad, depressing brown rice and chop up the following ingredients:

  • *note: wild rice would be a tastier alternative in my opinion.
  • green beans
  • onions
  • sweet peppers/bell peppers
  • mushrooms
  • minced garlic
  • carrots

Adding a bit of olive oil to a skillet that’s set on medium-high heat, I sauté the garlic and add the veggies to cook for just a few minutes. Lowering the heat to medium, I incorporate the rice and drizzle in a bit of soy sauce as I let the rice heat up and mix with the veggies, adjusting the amount of garlic or soy sauce if necessary and covering it with a lid.

Top it off (optional) with sesame seeds and you’ve got yourself a bowl of decent fried rice AND you just revived otherwise boring leftovers that would have been forsaken in some dark corner of your fridge. Cheers to you!


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